ESG and Sustainable Finance

As an aggregator providing bond finance to the UK’s housing associations, bLEND is committed to the social purpose of the sector. Our competitively priced funding helps borrowers maximise their impact:

Housing associations have long incorporated sustainability into their business models, as well as innovating to build environmentally responsible homes. bLEND's borrowers:
- set bold energy performance targets for new build stock (EPC)
- invest to improve energy efficiency of existing stock by updating windows, insulation, boilers, and adding solar panels
- include in developments green and open spaces for residents
- ensure their business model is geared around reducing carbon footprint

bLEND lends solely to UK Registered Providers of social housing. Many housing associations already measure the social value of their work, which includes:
- the provision of affordable, safe and high-quality homes
- empowering residents by giving them a voice
- services to support local communities, including through education and training, business development, and services for the homeless and victims of abuse
- being responsible employers and encouraging positive workplace environments

English and Welsh housing associations are subject to oversight by sector regulators and must abide by standards of governance.
- Moody's considers governance across the sector to be strong

bLEND's parent The Housing Finance Corporation has signed up as an early adopter of the social housing sector's Sustainability Reporting Standard.

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